Property Owners FAQ

How do I find my perfect holiday property?
We think we have made it as simple as possible to search for what is important to YOU. Not what the cottage owner thinks is their best selling point, because you will almost certainly have different ideas about that! Just use the search bar to look for the things that really make a holiday for you, whether that's a superking size bed, a hot tub, having a pub within a five minute walk, or whatever. If you want to look for something we haven't added, please let us know here, because we really tried to think of everything, but we're sure we haven't covered everything, and we really want to!

Do you advertise long term lets?
Yes, of course. Our website is designed for anyone wanting to rent a property, whether that's for a mini break or for for a long work assignment.

Is the price listed for the whole property?
Yes, the price quoted will always be for a self-contained property, and the listing will sure you in detail what that includes.

Is there a charge for my booking?
No, we don't charge either holiday makers or property owners to make a booking.

Do I need insurance?
We always recommend you have insurance, because you never know what could happen... surely this year has shown us that! All property owners will show their cancellation terms on their listing, and many will refund any retained fee if they re-let their property, but it never hurts to have insurance to be on the safe side, and it should cover you for extras like flights.

Are the listings all genuine?
Whilst we do not currently visit every property ourselves, we do make checks to ensure a property actually exists, unlike some other sites! However some criminally minded folk are extremely clever, so we always recommend paying with a credit card to be on the safe side, and NEVER make a payment direct into someone's bank account. You could pay cash on arrival (to be discussed). Properties that we have visited carry the Lindmere Verified logo.

How do I make a booking?
All contact information is on each listing, and you should make the booking direct. We do not hold any property availability at present, although we may add this service at some future point.

I have had no confirmation from the property owner about my booking / enquiry.
We can't make anyone respond to every enquiry they receive, although we would hope they would want to get back to you asap! If you have tried both email and telephone contacts and still can't get anywhere, please let us know, as we obviously don't want property owners messing anyone around. However if you have made a telephone booking and not received any confirmation, please get in touch as we will do our best to help - same as above, we will not accept our holiday makers being given the runaround, although we understand at very busy times it may take a little time to get back to everyone.

How do I cancel a booking?
Please check the listing for the cancellation requirements, and either call or email depending upon the holiday home owner's terms and conditions.

How do I pay for my booking?
This will be detailed on the listing. Most properties require a deposit to be paid on booking, with the balance either beforehand or on arrival. We really don't recommend people send money to anyone's bank account, as you have no protection then, as you would if you booked using a credit card, and there ended up being a problem with your stay.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Almost certainly but again, each property listing will have different requirements so please check there.

How do I get access to the property?
Usually, the property owner will send you details of how to get in with your booking confirmation. Make sure you have these details in plenty of time, and do not rely on your mobile to help you on arrival, as sometimes there may be no or very little mobile signal and that can be a nightmare.

What are the rules re animals?
Each listing will have specific details about what if any animals they accept, and their individual terms. For example some may require a larger security or housekeeping deposit, which would be understandable if someone was coming with six large hairy dogs!

How do I checkout?
There should be information in your booking confirmation or if not, it would be provided at your accommodation.

Do I need to bring towels and bedding?
All properties listed with Lindmere provide fresh bedding and towels for the required number of people. HOWEVER, if you have coloured hair or use any products that you think may damage pillows and towels, we strongly recommend taking your own, because it's really not fair to expect property owners to deal with damaged items. Some bedding sets will be very expensive, and without pillow cases, the whole set could very legitimately need to be replaced, which you would almost certainly need to cover... not the ending to your holiday you would like, and the property owners definitely wouldn't want to have to do that either, but fair's fair.

How do I complain about a listing?
We hope you never have cause to complain about a holiday you have actually taken, but we would really like to hear your feedback, good or bad. However if you just have a problem with a property listing, please get in touch with us to discuss it in the first instance, and we will do our very best to help.