Property Owners FAQ

How much does it cost?
For our initial launch period, we will be offering free listings to all property owners, and they will remain so. There are many options to get your property noticed more, and each level has its own pricing. We do not and will never charge per booking however, as we think this is somewhat immoral.

How do I get my leads?
Holidaymakers will contact you directly, having seen your fabulous listing. We are pretty good at getting our websites seen, with over two decades of experience advising many mega million pound businesses. So between the detailed listing you will provide, and our excellent online marketing, we are sure we will be able to drive lots of potential visitors to your page.

Can you manage the bookings for us?
We aren't currently offering this option, although it may well be added in the future. It would mean holding a realtime availability calendar, and knowing exactly what you will accept money-wise, which is not easy... you may well be happy to receive a reduced amount for a very last minute booking, or an extended stay, and if we have to keep going backwards and forwards between you and the holidaymaker, it is very inefficient. We do have almost two decade's experience of running our own high level self catering properties though, so we know we are very good at bargaining to get the best deal! If this is something you would be interested in, please do let us know, and we will monitor demand and possibly work on a case by case basis.

What do I get for my fee?
Depending upon what tier listing you have, you will receive x (to be decided).

Can I have more than one property?
Of course. We are happy for you to list a hundred properties, if you own or manage that many! We would organise a way to get everything listed as that would take some time, and if you have multiple properties and want one of the paid options, we will of course work out a great deal for you.

Can I link to my website?
Of course (or not?).

How much does it cost to upgrade my listing?
Our different marketing tiers are detailed here, so please have a look and decide which is the best fit for you, or get in touch to discuss this.

Can I edit my listing?
At the moment we are doing all amendments ourselves, so that we keep a uniform look to the site. Just let us know what you'd like to change and we will get it sorted asap.

How do I update my prices?
You can change your prices by logging into the Admin area and edit them from there.

I'm an agency, can I list all my properties?
Of course, as mentioned above we are happy to have anything on your books listed with us, as long as you are able to provide the details we need. We have found some agents have somewhat sketchy information on their properties though - we're sure that's not the case with you, but some of our required information is probably something only the property owner would know. Actually from talking with lots of people, often even they don't know, so if the owner isn't local to their property, we may need to enlist the help of someone on the ground, as it were!

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