Bubble Up Your Bookings: The Allure of Hot Tubs in Self-Catering Stays

Couple in a hot tub

With plenty of properties to choose from, it's key for property owners to make their places pop to draw in visitors. A trend that's making places stand out is adding a hot tub into the mix.

Relaxing in a hot tub isn't just a swanky extra; it's an experience that does wonders for your health and happiness. Floating in the hot water benefits the joints and gets your blood flowing better, which is great for easing tired muscles and calming those nagging aches. Plus, the heat helps you relax, letting those feel-good endorphins loose, which can knock down stress and help your guests sleep like a baby.

The mix of hot water and jet massages is like therapy for your body, especially for guests dealing with issues like arthritis and fibromyalgia. As you let the water work its magic, your mind gets a break too, leading to clearer thoughts and better stress control. So, throwing a hot tub into your self-catering spot isn't just about giving it a touch of glam; it's about giving your guests a place to recharge, body and soul.

In this blog post, we’ll cover why hot tubs are such a big hit for self-catering stays, the perks they pack, and how they can seriously up your booking game.

The Steamy Greeting: Hot Tubs Pulling in the Crowd

First impressions are everything, and nothing grabs attention like the promise of a hot tub. Just dropping a "private hot tub" can pique interest in your property. Whether it's for couples, families, or friends on a hen do, the promise of a steamy, bubbly soak is a magnet that can turn a browser into a booker.

Chill Out, Unwind: Soaking Away the Stress

These days, people on the go want more than just a bed for the night; they're after an experience. A hot tub isn't just a warm bath; it's a zen zone to melt away the day's stresses. Picture your guests kicking back in the bubbly bliss of a hot tub, star-gazing or taking in the view. It's the kind of experience they'll remember and share with family and friends, boosting your chances of bookings that come from recommendations.

Hot Tubs All Year Around: The Cosy Dip That Fits Any Calendar

Hot tubs are the secret sauce for making your self-catering spot a hit, no matter the season. They're a no-brainer for lazy summer nights under the sky, but imagine your guests relaxing in hot, bubbly bliss while snowflakes make a show around them, or during a cool autumn evening. A hot tub turns your property into a popular pick all year round, bringing in guests whatever the weather.

Fun For All The Family: Hot Tub Safety for Kids

Hot tubs can be enjoyable for children, but safety should always come first. It's recommended that only children over the age of five are allowed in hot tubs and, even then, they should be supervised at all times. Younger kids are more sensitive to higher temperatures, which can affect their overheating more quickly than adults. It's important to keep the soak time short—no more than five to ten minutes—and ensure the water temperature is lower than the standard for adults, ideally around 35°C. When used correctly and with the proper supervision, hot tubs can be enjoyed by those young and old.

Smart Promo Moves: Get Your Hot Tub to Do the Talking

When you're up against a sea of online listings, smart advertising is your best friend. Throwing the spotlight on your hot tub can seriously up your game. Travellers love to tick boxes for amenities, and a "hot tub" tick can bump your place up the list. Highlight your hot tub with photos that showcase the experience it offers - that means capturing the bubbles in full flow and steam gently rising.

Happy Guests, Hot Tub Hype: The Reviews

Guests love singing praises about the good times they've had, especially when it involves a hot tub. When guests can't stop gushing over how much they enjoyed their stay, those rave reviews draw in crowds.

Glowing reviews are important for self-catering accommodation. They don't just boost your reputation —they make potential guests feel like they’re missing out if they don't book with you. And when the feedback is firing, you can enjoy more bookings, better rates, and a spot at the top of the search list. Each positive review from a guest is like a marketing megaphone.

Hot Tubs: The Investment That Keeps On Giving

Having a hot tub is a power move for your property's appeal. It’s not just a bubbly bonus—it's a crowd-pleaser that'll pay for itself with all the extra bookings and the cash they bring in.

What’s more, keeping a hot tub in good condition and maintaining one is surprisingly straightforward. Modern hot tubs come equipped with automated systems that keep the water clean and the chemistry balanced, taking much of the guesswork out of the equation. Regular tasks, like monitoring the pH levels and sanitising the water, can be done in a snap with the right supplies. Features like cartridge filters require minimal effort—just a rinse or replacement every now and then. Plus, with insulated covers keeping debris out and heat in, the day-to-day upkeep is minimal. It’s all about setting a simple routine, and then it's just smooth soaking from there.

And with covers that keep the warmth in and the leaves out, a little upkeep goes a long way.

Rules and Regulations: Keeping Your Guests Safe

Investing in a hot tub can seriously boost your holiday home's appeal, offering one of the best returns on investment in the long term. But before you dash off to buy one, it's important to get your head around the necessary regulations. You'll need to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s specific guidelines, known as HSG282, which are there to ensure your hot tub is a safe, clean spot for guests to unwind.

Adhering to these standards is crucial not just for guest safety but also to safeguard yourself from legal issues and fines if something were to go wrong.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to do to align with HSG282:

  • Select an appropriate hot tub for your rental.
  • Conduct a thorough risk assessment.
  • Maintain the hot tub following HSG282’s cleaning and safety protocols.
  • Document all maintenance work and safety checks diligently.

Stick to these steps, and you'll offer a great experience while keeping everyone safe.

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