Charging Ahead: The Rise of EVs and Why UK Cottage Owners Should Plug-In

Electric Vehicle Charging

Travel is getting a green makeover, and self-catering spots are leading the charge when it comes to eco-friendly staycation. It's more than just swapping out lightbulbs— from how travellers get around to how they stay, it’s about making choices that are kinder to the planet.

These self-catering properties are nailing it by stepping up their green game. Think cool gadgets that save energy, take recycling up a notch and taps that don't splash more water than necessary. And it's not just about going green—it's also about the local love, like stocking up on treats from the market down the road.

Eco-savvy guests are looking for places that understand them and their earth-friendly ways. When holiday home-owners embrace this green spirit, they're not just getting thumbs up from Mother Nature, they're also drawing in a crowd that's all about travelling responsibly. Sustainable isn't just a buzzword here—it's about ensuring the party keeps going for everyone, from the guests to the locals.

Electric Cars: The New Cool Kids on the Block

Electric cars aren’t just the latest fad—they're revving up to take over the travel scene. With the UK getting ready to say bye to new petrol and diesel rides by 2030, the roads are about to get a lot quieter and cleaner. This is a golden chance for self-catering holiday homeowners to make their spots the go-to for eco-friendly road trippers.

Power Up: Why Your Holiday Home Needs an EV Charger

With more people plugging into electric driving, those little charging points can sway where they choose to stay. For the savvy holiday homeowner, this is your cue to bring in those chargers and get ready to welcome a fresh wave of green-minded guests.

Picture this: your guests roll up after a day out and about, and they can just plug in their car completely hassle-free. And word gets around; before you know it, your EV-friendly spot starts drawing in a whole new bunch of travellers, bumping up your bookings and helping you stand out from the self-catering cottage crowd.

Installing an EV charger is more than a perk—it's a power move. It shows you're in tune with the times, ready to cater to the latest travel trends, and leading the pack with eco-awesome stays.

Here Come the Green-Minded Wanderers

There's a new breed of traveller ditching the big carbon footprint for something lighter and looking for places that mirror their commitment to reducing their impact on the world around them. They’re looking for stays that let them tread lightly on the earth, enjoy places that take 'eco' seriously, and really get stuck into what's local.

For those in the self-catering business, it's time to green up your act. Throw in some eco-friendly features, and you'll be a popular pick for travellers who want to stay green while they wander. After all, offering a spot to juice up their electric cars isn't just handy—it's about showing you're on the same page with protecting the planet.

Amp Up Your Holiday Home's Appeal

If you have an electric car charger at your place, make sure you flaunt it in your listing. These days, travellers are on the hunt for spots that cater to their eco-friendly wheels, and having a spot to charge up could be a deciding factor. Give your property's profile a boost by highlighting your EV charger—it's like rolling out the green carpet for a crowd that's all about sustainable travel.

Choose a prime spot for the charger and talk to an electrician who's up to speed on all the techy stuff. Pick a charger that does the job quickly and fits all types of electric cars. Get the go-ahead from the local authorities and check that your property's power can handle it. Then, get the experts to install it to ensure it’s safe. Once it’s ready to go, make some noise on your online channels. Let the green travellers know your place is ready to keep their wheels turning, and this tweak to your property could be a game-changer, bringing in bookings from guests who care about their carbon footprint.

Cash in on the Charge

Putting in an EV charger is more than a nod to Mother Nature—it's a clever cash move. As eco-friendly stays become the rage, your place could see more guests and fuller rooms. Stick with it, and that charger could start paying its way, making your self-catering accommodation a popular choice and padding out your profits.

Push your holiday home's green creds by shouting about your EV charger online. Get creative on your website and socials, and maybe team up with some eco-savvy influencers or travel gurus. It’s all about connecting with travellers who want to keep it clean while they explore.

Getting Your EV Game On Point

Don't forget to check out if government grants could help cover the costs of installing an EV charger. In the UK, there are several grants available for landlords looking to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers, which can significantly reduce the installation cost and encourage the adoption of greener technologies. One of the key initiatives was the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which provided funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing EV charging points at domestic properties, including those owned by landlords. However, as of March 2022, the EVHS has closed for landlords and homeowners to pivot support towards expanding the public network.

Landlords should also be on the lookout for regional grants and initiatives that may be available from local councils or devolved governments, which often have separate funds or additional support for sustainable projects, including installing EV chargers. It's worth checking local council websites or contacting local energy agencies for current information on available grants and incentives.

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